F.A.C.E. SUMMIT 2021
"the fierce urgency of now"


what is title i

Title I is a Federal Aid Program for Schools. The goal of Title 1 is to ensure a high-quality education for every child, by providing Extra help to students who need it most.

📢 Title I has three (3) Primary Objectives:

To improve student achievement for all participating children

To improve staff development

To improve parental and community involvement

the f.a.c.e. summit

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction has been steadfast in its quest to carry out the Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E) mission to empower parents to actively participate in their children’s education by providing support, resources, and assistance that will increase parental involvement, enhance student achievement and promote community partnerships.

Welcome To F.A.C.E.
Summit 2021

Greetings and Happy New Year Parents and Guardians:

On behalf of the students and families of the Thornton Township High School District 205, it is an honor and a privilege to welcome you to the 4th Annual Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) Summit. The theme, “The Fierce Urgency Of Now!”, underscores that involved supportive parents, guardians, and community can significantly improve the academic performance of our students. Research shows that educators play an integral role in ensuring quality education to every child. Parents/guardians play a significant role in their children’s lives. The Thornton Township High School District 205 is absolutely committed to providing the best education for our student population.

I welcome each parent, guardian, and community supporter to attend this monumental virtual event, because your participation affirms that you are committed to providing the nurturing support and education that every child requires to succeed.

I wish you a successful and rewarding Educational Summit!


Dr. Nathaniel J. Cunningham, Jr.,

Superintendent of Schools

Board of education

Ms. Nina Graham, President
Mrs. Annette Whittington, Vice-President
Mrs. Almetta Vasser-Moody, Secretary
Mr. Albert Butler, Member
Mrs. Leticia Cruz, Member
Mr. Ray C. Banks, Member
Mrs. Bernadette Lawrence, Member

student Board of education

Labria Gordon, President
Charity Counts, Vice-President
Fizzaha Vhora, Secretary
Lynn Riley, Treasurer
Christyana Arrington, Member
Larry Bryant, Member
Desman Bennett, Member
Desman Bennett, Member
Tiana Edwards, Member
Jada Lee, Student Representative-At-Large
Salamot Balogun, Student Representative-At-Large
Jazmyn Hughes, Student Representative-At-Large
Jada Lee, Student Representative-At-Large
Salamot Balogun, Student Representative-At-Large
Sarai Hurst, Student Representative-At-Large

“TTHSD 205 presents F.A.C.E. Summit 2021 - The Fierce Urgency of Now!”

Goals to Empower, Motivate, and Educate Parents/Guardians and Students

F.a.c.e. summit 2021

title 1 schools (3) & programs (2)
Thornton Township H.S.
Thornwood H.S.
Thornridge H.S.
Peace Center
Outlook Academy
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